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8 D's Postcrossing Project

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Postcards I've sent

It has been a long time since my last postcrossing swap, officially or even directly. I've write about it here.

Actually there are some reasons why I pause this very fun activity (and hobby too). The most important one is because since last year I have to start teaching in my school for a year before my graduation as a dedication for our school, so I will stay in school's dorm (fyi most of Indonesian Islamic school's system is boarding school), that means I can't use my smartphone there, because we are forbidden to use that (exception for a teacher who didn't graduate like us, we can bring a monochrome phone, a phone which can used just for calling and sending messages) and yah, so how can I active in postcrossing then?

The other reason is, the high cost, he.. (
). For the first time I think it's cheap to send a card to Europe for under 10.000 rupiah, but after some months, my money start runing out, I ever send more than 10 postcards in a month (that's more 100.000 rupiah). So I decided to start saving my money and pause this hobby for a while. 
And so on. There are some other mainstream reasons : busy, wasting time, far post office, etc..

So I stop it at all.

One day, I tell my students in 8 D class (it's 2nd grade of junior high school) my story that I have some friends from foreign countries around the world by penpalling or postcrossing, so they are curious, most of them never see how a postcard is, then I bring my postcards and I show them. They are amazed, so I give them some of the postcards from my friends from various countries around the world.

They are interested to get one with their name on it. I am confuse there, I've lost many of my postcrossing friends. But Alhamdulillah I still a member in a postcrossing and swap group.

One of my students write a postcard

Okay I will help them and make this as a class project. I want them to feel happy as I felt years ago when my first card arrived. 
When I go home in holiday, I start contact the other members of postcrossing group, Thank Allah some of them interested to swap with my students. Actually I don't get the swap partners for all of them. There are 28 members in 8 D class, but I just get for 21 of them.

After that I find some online shop which offer cheap postcards, and I get Posnesia, they have lots of beautiful cards. I show them it's catalogue and they choose some cards they like, and we order it.
Days ago, the cards arrived. But our class had plan for Wednesday's night, language activity (we perform speech, storytelling, drama and poem in 3 languages :  Bahasa, English and Arabic), so we can't write the cards that time.

A day after the language activity (it's today when I write this), we write the cards together, stick the stamps and some stickers.
I take some of their candid photo, hehe.. (*^ω^*)
Masha Allah, they enjoy doing it and when I see their face, I know they are happy and I glad to know it. Some of them said that this was their first time writing letter and it's fun! They can't wait to send the cards and receive it from their swap partners soon Insha Allah.
Happiness is simple.

Post office, cards or letter may be not as famous as before nowadays, but I believe that it won't be forgotten because there will be some people who still love it, love to write, send and receive a surprise even it's just a card.

Modernity is not bad of course, it help us by facilitating people do something easily, like in a communication. But remember, that modern communication facility can bring something far close but it usually bring something close far too.

Well that's all my report about 8 D's Postcrossing Project, it reminds me about my hobby years ago and maybe I will start doing it again after my graduation (in May Insha Allah), who knows?

And to all of you who read this article, I recommend you to try this fun activity too.

Sent today, hope they arrived safely ^^

Happy postcrossing!

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