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All About Learning English

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Why should English?
Why not Arabic?
Why everyone put English as a priority?

It's actually because at the moment, unfortunately Arabic is not declared as the main language of the world. And we hope one day Arabic will be the main language of the world because Arabic is the language of Al-Quran, so it's a must for all Muslims to learn Arabic.

At the moment English is the main focus, the main language of the world. So in that case we have to do more dakwah, we have to interact to more people, we have to go cross borders, we have to go overseas and you have to mastering English. So that's why the motivation to learn English is not only for trend, not for lifestyle, no. But because English is the language of the world and we have to control the world by controlling the language first.

How to Mastering English?

For mastering English, make it a habit and apply it to our life every day, so I really encourage you to speak English every day without a fail, so it's not because you want to show that you know English, but because you want to practice the language.

It's unfortunately sometimes, you have a golden opportunity when you're in dormitory where you always meet your friends with the same interests, so it's the time for you to practice your English all the time, do not speak Indonesians for one year. Sleep with English, dream in English. Of course Arabic too in the same time.

تكلم بالعربية أو الإنجليزية فقط
ممكن كذلك؟ ممكن إن شاء الله.

So from time to time write everything in English and Arabic and read them. Let's say we have newspapers like Jakarta Post, unfortunately we don't have Arabic newspaper.

So this is how you master English. By turning into the habit and then make a goal, what else you'd like to do in English. Because if you don't have motivation, sometimes you know, you're a human, you feel lazy, demotivated, you don't want to speak English anymore, so promise to your body and yourself, you speak English now, you learn about English now, memorize vocabularies. Try with English, fight with it. Don't worry. I will take you. This is the same you speak to your old friend.

I always make promise to myself because I want to make this life is meaningful, full of wishes and contribution to the ummah. I want to become خير الناس أنفعهم للناس.

How to Get Scholarship Abroad?

You have social media, this is one of your opportunities to interact with people overseas, first of course you have to be careful because not everyone can be your friend. So let's say you come to my Facebook account, you see my friends overseas, you can ask them to become your friend, or you go to LinkedIn, Instagram and find the information about scholarship opportunity.

Second go to websites that normally offer scholarship, there is also scholarship fair in Jakarta, you can go and grab it. You go there, attend the booth and get brochure, make sure that you know what is the program, try to apply, but of course the most important thing is your niat (aim), what is your intention. So is it because you want to go study abroad, you want to see people overseas. Make your niat properly. Practice your English from now, get more information, always be kind to people, if people need your help, help them.

I think that TOEFL and IELTS is easy, because I always prepare everything in advanced, and I make as a habit, so this is one of the trick so you can get scholarship.
So first niat, second tips networking.

Many Indonesians even they go to UK, USA, they can't speak English well, they can't debate in English, even to say hello in English, they are useless, they don't have opportunity to practice there.

The Effective Way to Learn English

The effective way to learn English is reading. So let's say when you go to atm, there is an option of the language, choose English, set your phone in English, everything with English, even your social media should be in English. Also when you write your dreams, your diary, etc.

At the moment be strange to Bahasa, don't speak Bahasa, it's too easy. And my children have been living in the UK, they learn English by reading books. After you read books, and you'll be able to write. The book to them is not only about you read the book, but about appreciating people's work. This is how western people teaching their children. So start buying English books, or if you don't want to spend money, I know that English books are quite expensive, you go to the website, have you heard about BBC? You can read or listen to BBC news everyday everywhere. You'll be influenced by them. Because when you hear, you tend to follow right? BBC is free and you know how to imitate the proper English.

My child actually was a first winner for journalism competition in English, she wrote about ISIS. Her English is so beautiful and interesting.

How to Teach English?

Before you teach your friends, of course you have to prepare yourself better. Always give them motivation, because language is about motivation, sometimes you give tips or homework to them, but they don't really work on it or don't really like it, so try to courage them, make a competition, debate is one of the way. Why does it work? Because people tend to be emotional when debating, they will try very much to make you understand what their ideas are.

You also can make listening to news as your habit. So every morning or during your lunch time, you watch it on tv or phone.

And choose the accent, don't mix between American and England for example, you'll be confused with the slang or the idioms.

That's all what I got from the interview.
Hope it helps you in learning English.

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