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My Friends, My Sisters

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What a beautiful ukhuwah..

I love meet new people in my live and making friends with girls around the world.
I have met so many people, but most of them are just friend to me, there are just a little bit who stay and being my best friend.
Actually, when we meet new people, we have to keep our conversation to always continue, and -for me- it's really hard to keep it with someone who doesn’t match our character each other.
All this time, until now, people who still stay talk to me and I consider them as my best friends are: member of my class (grade 3 of high school aka geni-us2), my halaqah member, and some of cyber friends (I mean whom I contact them just by media social).
And here, I want to talk about those my cyber friends whom I meet from fb, postcrossing, penpal, etc.
I meet so many new people from around the world since I join postcrossing.. but we it is just short-term relationship, because we just exchange postcard each other, and most of the postcrosser are hunting for rare countries postcards, I mean they don't really care about the sender.
Then, I join penpal, I meet better friends who really want to have a friend. And I've meet friends from South Africa until South Korea.. most of them are Europeans (girls).
But, as I've told in first, it's not easy to keep continue the chat, in some moments; we don't have something to talk anymore, finally our conversation stuck there.
In spite of that, Alhamdulillah, thank Allah, that He keep my friendship with some Muslimah..
And to be honest, I love them because Allah, I am happy that who stay being my best friends are my sisters in Islam.
Well, I'll tell you some of them:
There are sister Toki from Syria, Fatima from China, Dydia from USA, Asmah from Russia, Vilte from Lithuania and Hilal from Turkey.
My most frequently chats is with sister Hilal, sister Asmah and sister Vilte. They always reply my messages, while the others didn't reply me yet, maybe they are busy, but it's okay.
I love them so much, I consider them as my real sisters, just like my siblings.. we share everything in our live, and thank to them, I get so many new knowledge that I didn't know before.
Back to the tittle, times ago, I sent a greeting texts from Carita beach in a pic, I wrote the greetings myself then I took a pic of it at Carita beach (actually not really in Carita beach, I took it at a restaurant near the beach) and I sent it to those my sisters.
I was forget it because I do that just for fun and for make them happy and the most important is to keep our ukhuwah, until sister Hilal send me a reply greetings from Yaprak Sarmasi, it is a food which famous in Turkey, masha Allah it was make me really happy, I hope I will taste Yaprak Sarmasi someday when I visit her in Turkey insha Allah.

Finally, days ago, sister Asmah sent me a reply greetings too from Moscow, masha Allah.. how wonderful..

Both greetings are really make me happy, Subhanallah.. it makes me love them more and more.
What I can say now is just, thank you so much, Barakallahu fiikum, May Allah bless you..
And may Allah keep our ukhuwah until Jannah, insha Allah..
I have to say it once again, I love all of you, my sisters, not just because the greetings, but because we are sisters in Islam, our prophet Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wassallam said that our Iman didn't perfect yet until we love for our brothers and sisters (in Islam) what we love for ourselves.
We are honored by Islam for our Iman, not our nationality.
I will make dua, hoping we can meet each other one day. But if we can't, I hope we will meet in His Jannah Insha Allah.

Thank you, Jazakumullah Khairan to be my best friend and my sister yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever insha Allah..

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