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Why I Choose TAZKIA and What I Will Do to Improve Islamic Economics in Indonesia

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At Monday, September 25th 2017 I had my first English lesson for Tazkia Language Center (TLC) at Abu Hanifah building.

I got A class after TOEFL test in PORTAL (pekan orientasi dan ta'aruf almamater) days ago. Well, actually I can't believe I would be placed in A class which is full of many smart students, in the other hand, I didn't get enough English lesson in my boarding school because we learnt Arabic more, compared to English. The comparison is 1:9.. But Alhamdulillah, I'm happy to be a part of them so I can learn more Insya Allah.

My first lecturer was Miss. Khairunisa Maslichul and the second one is Mr. Wisnu. I like the way they teach, they used 2 direction learning, we discuss together by making groups, play games, make presentations and practice using English in the class. So we enjoy the class.

But that's not my point, I mean what I want to share here is about the writing exercise that makes me like to try writing in English..
Miss Nisa asked me and the whole class to make an article with the topic: why we choose Tazkia and what will we do to improve the Islamic Economics in Indonesia. Well, that's a bit challenging for me, since I rarely write in English.

However, even if it's bad (the grammar and my hand-writing), I'd love to share it here, I hope one day it can inspire others to join us in Tazkia University too..

Well, I choose Tazkia because the suggestion from my father, he really hope me to enroll to Tazkia and take Muamalah major. Actually I want to be a psycholog or writer and lecturer like my father, also a stay-at-home housewife crafter like my mother. So at first, I extremely want to choose Psychology major, but my mother hopes me to enroll to LIPIA since there is a Syaikh who gives us a chance to get into LIPIA for sure.. However now I'm here and about me and my mother's hope, I have a plan to continue my study at Ta'lim 'An Bu'd (KJJ) LIPIA and Islamic Online University in psychology major.

It's just the beginning. After PORTAL days ago, everything has changed, everything in my mind. I was inspired by some lecturers and mentors. They opened my mind and let me think that what world especially Indonesia needs is an Islamic Economist who will return the golden age of Islamic Economics era. Islamic Economics based on the most truthful guide book. It's Al-Quran and Sunnah. There is no hesitation in both of them. And the most important is, Al-Quran and Sunnah is the most fair and equitable concept of Economics to make the world prosperous and become a better place.

For example, zakat, waris and shadaqah.. Western concept said that happiness is having everything, "the more we get the more we waste", but Islamic concept said that if we make people happy (by giving them what they need from what we have), so we will feel happier "the more we give the more we get".

So our focus is for Akhirat (hereafter), it's a place we will return. Nobody knows when will we die, but death is a certainty.. If what we look for is just money, how if we die before achieving it? Everything of our effort will be useless. But if we do good deeds, that going to be an everlasting savings for hereafter insya Allah.

Back to my story, I love writing FYI. So for the second question about what will I do to improve Islamic Economics in Indonesia? My certain answer is, by writing, make articles, jurnals or books about economy. I can't be an entrepreneur, I have a very low self esteem, I don't like marketing or banking stuff. But I like to share something that inspire others. I want to change people's mindset about Islamic Economics concept, because Islam, our most perfect religion already teach us how to manage wealth and how should we attitude with it, such as, we should use the wealth just as we need, no more, so how about the rest of it? Use it for good deeds and shadaqah, be a philantrophic, have a role for the raising of the era of equality between rich and poor, which the rich and the poor both grateful.

Through English, I want my writings to spread not only in Indonesia, but worldwide as well Insya Allah. Because if they know how fair the way  Islam managed Muslim's wealth, they'll be astonished, because there is no other that can be compared with Allah's sayings.

One of my convert-to-Islam Lithuanian friend was inspired by Al-Quran, especially the verses of mawaris (legacy), and now she study at Glasgow University's economic major.
If she, who is a converted Muslimah have a very big enthusiast and spirit to learn more about Islamic Economics and she is one of it's warrior, how about us?

What did we do to improve Islamic Economics in this most-biggest-Muslim-population country?
Let's be smart together.

Be a Muslim economist and have a role in strunggle for our beloved Islam and Indonesia.

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