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Oh My Lovable Sisters !

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Assalamualaikum my lovable sisters.

I hope you're in a very good state and I hope you have high iman (faith). I want to tell you, don't ever be sad, because Allah is with you. This live is not worth with being sad, so you should always smile. Even sometime you feel upset, I also feel upset a lot of time Because I really just want to go home to Jannah..

And I want to listen to Quran And I want to read Quran all day. If you ever feel sad, you should go do sujud (prostration) and you should remember that you are from the Muslim ummah. That means, that everyone is making dua (prayer) for you, Including me.. So just keep your head high and be strong. Because.. Because after hardship is ease.. Just like Allah promised in the Quran.

When you feel sad, remember this life is just a test.. and soon it will be over and you'll be happy forever in Jannah. You won't be sad, and you get sweat and it comes out perfume on you. Everything that's meant to happen to you Allah wanted it to happen to you. So be happy for that, Don't be sad..

You're a Muslim and Allah loves you, so love Him back. I know I am just a girl, but please listen to me when I talk. When you go to Jannah, you won't even remember these times and something bad happens to you or you get hurt, Allah will take the bad things away.. Insha Allah you'll find your way, isn't it?

Sometimes Allah tests us with hardships but Allah tests the people that he loves so He loves you and I love you too so much.. I hope this made you happy, or at least it made you smile..

* Written from an inspiring Muslimah's audio. I love the words, it makes me smile ^^

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