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Importance of Learning English

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We already know that Arabic is language of the Holy Qur'an, language of many Islamic prayers and also Syurga (Heaven)'s language, so its an obligation to learn Arabic for Muslims.

But did you know that English is important too? English known as an International Language that we can use almost in every country in the world, even in Saudi Arabia.
That means, understanding English is used in an interaction with others.

I am not trying to compare which one (between Arabic and English) the most better, but I want you to know that both have their own importance.

Let's make it simple. How can we convey Islam to the foreign with different language in other country if we don't understand English? Whereas the Western are who need us, they need a right Islamic knowledge.

I personally think that (Alhamdulillah) we, Indonesian Muslims already have so many students and scholars who understand Arabic well, so we believe that they've learned deens lesson in their school / college.

So now, their obligatory is to convey it to the society, but the question is, how to convey it if they just understand Arabic (and most people not)? Fyi, all over the world especially Western Muslims need more dai and daiyah who can tell them what they didn't know from lessons that we learn it just by Arabic. If not us, so who?

One of my friends in Lithuania who convert to Islam in February 2015 told me that Islam is a smallest population there and most people hate it, they still think Islam is radical, terrorist and anything else, but Alhamdulillah, Allah give her Hidayah.. but, she said, it was a pity that Lithuanians don't know the truth of Islam because no one tell them.

That's why beside we learn Arabic to understand the Deen lessons, we need to learn English too so we can convey to the English speakers (especially the Western people) what we already know from the Deen knowledge that we learn by Arabic.

I know my English is not perfect, but I try my best, so hope all of you, the readers can get what I mean.

I am still learning both language (Arabic and English) and not fluently in talking or writing yet, at least my foreign Muslimah friends can understand my writing and I hope you too..

15 September 2015

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